New Tool: Chocolatey Application Wrapper for MDT

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Update: Updated script location

I’ve been spending some time recently working on my own private Deployment Share, one of the downsides is the overhead of keeping my application packages up to date. The worst offenders are of course Google Chrome, and the Adobe Flash and PDF readers, seems like these packages are constantly changing, and I need to find and update frequently. If only there was a better way, something to make adding packages easier like my Dell Driver Pack Update tool, or the ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf script found in MDT to run Windows Update/WSUS. Any way to keep my environment up to date without the manual hassle. :^)

There are several tools out there on the internet that help and assist you with application package management. At first I started looking at, however their tools are designed for End Users, and if you want to have an automated solution…

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