Those teeth looks sharper than mine 😬

Photo by @BrianSkerry. A Mako Shark dives, open-mouthed, at photographer Brian Skerry in the waters off of New Zealand. Makos are one of the fastest fish in the sea, capable of speed bursts up to 60mph. Of all shark species they also have one of the largest brains, relative to body size. The numbers of Makos have declined worldwide due to overfishing and the demand for shark fins. They are currently listed as vulnerable, but their population continues to spiral downwards. Learn more about Makos in the August issue of National Geographic Magazine, @NatGeo, which includes a feature story about these impressive animals And if you like sharks, check out the new book – SHARK – by @BrianSkerry and @NatGeo! Available wherever books are sold. @thephotosociety #natgeo #sharkawarenessday #photo #makoshark #mako #shark #savesharks #underwaterphotgraphy #underwaterphoto #onassignment #photooftheday #newzealand #nz #dive #photography #nationalgeographic #follow #followme #preservation #conservation

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