Crashed ISPConfig3 hosted wordpress blog by ERROR 40

Had a blog hosted on an ISPConfig3, Nginx, MySQL, PHP platform on Debian mini and by ERROR 40 deleted my blog… bad mistake… Honest mistake and I’m a real man, so no offsite backup was to be found, no joke.

The guide followed when the VPS was set-up can be seen here.

The error was plausible to happen a some point, but frustrating to have my blog site gone, after the time invested. Everything for the learning experience, I guess. Sigh.

Next. Install ISPConfig3 with Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, dovecut and PHP and see how that goes.

Change a line across a bunch of posts in WordPress

To change a line can  in posts across many in WordPress, can manually be a “pain-in-the-ass”-task. But can actually be done quite easily with a single line of MySQL-code, executed from the db-admin-interface (phpmyadmin etc.)

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content=REPLACE(post_content, 'text-to-be-replaced', 'text-to-insert')

To be more understandable, you use it like this

UPDATE Table-Name SET Field-Name=REPLACE(Field-Name, 'Text-To-Be-Replaced', 'Text-To-Insert');

With this one line, mysql searches the table ‘wp_posts’ and replace all occurrences of the text-snippet it can find, and you are done!

The Other method is to use the wordpress-plugin Search and Replace, which runs from the wordpress admin-section (see Tools-menu!), and you can select which tables, in the database wordpress is installed in, to be searched!

In the mysql-command, the table is stated second after ‘UPDATE’!

See more: wordpress-support-topic and wordpress-plugin-search-and-replace.