UK home secretary: ‘real people’ don’t want unbreakable encryption – Naked Security

I still do not (and never will) get why some people endorse weakening security. It will never result in good. Only making it easier for the crooks to get our data from all the vulnerable devices still in existence today. (And more to come if the proposal gets through parliament)

Being monitored by my [car] insurer …

I most definitely wouldn’t agree to. Even IF I could get a lower insurance. How would you feel about your insurer or your finance company having access to data about your driving and where you go? via Hit the road – with your insurer and lender keeping an eye on your driving — Naked Security

RFC 8196 – IS-IS Autoconfiguration

specifies IS-IS autoconfiguration mechanisms via RFC 8196 – IS-IS Autoconfiguration Now they gone and done it with IS-IS. Auto-config coming out. Would make my choice of protocol if I could use it with routing daemons on Linux/BSD systems, too. In the not so fare of future!